Author Topic: Anyone in OK who can help these Boxers...  (Read 3551 times)

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Anyone in OK who can help these Boxers...
« on: June 05, 2008, 09:09:51 am »

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This is as tough of a situation as any rescue group should ever have to deal with, my friends.

About a month ago, we were contacted by a vet's office regarding a breeder with 18 female boxers and 2 male boxers who were unable to reproduce and make a profit for him. He is now willing to turn them over to TBR. We are tentatively scheduled to go in to pull all 20 dogs out of the facility at one time and transport them directly to the vet's office for physical evaluation and temperament testing. From there we literally have nowhere to go. We have a generous donation that came in at the onset of this issue; but now we need people. And we need ideas. Please understand your ideas and input are coveted right now, and we will be reading them all. I must ask, however, that you not expect acknowledgemen t or reply, unless we are calling in your offer of service or space.

We are tentatively set to pull all 20 dogs this Wednesday at an undisclosed location in mid-western OK. All available help will need to meet at the vet clinic, so that the real question becomes, ' how many crates will fit in your vehicle for you to transport to 'who knows where', and how many can you stack in your garage until enough people step forward to foster until forever happens for each and every one of these dogs? (Outdoor housing will most likely be necessary with adequate shelter and fencing provided.)

We will work as quickly as possible through tomorrow to confirm and plan this rescue. Please pass the word far and wide to other hearts of compassion who can help pay for boarding, feeding, and vetting, training and loving these unfortunate boxers.