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Hi guys ... been a while ...

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Hope everyone and their big paws are happy and healthy.

I've been very busy raising Cody. She is now 62 pounds of pure muscle and every bit as sweet. We went through months of diarhea (sp?). Part of it was Giardia but not all of it. I had her on Eagle Pack for large breed puppies thinking that it was a good food for her. After all, many of the dobie breeders use that brand of food. My vet and I changed her food to ID prescription and after the FIRST CUP she had hard poop. We were dancing in the street. She has calmed down since then. We are going to obedience classes and she is learning quickly.

Here are a couple of recent pictures of her. She is now 8 months but these pictures were made at 5 months.

Well I guess you've seen these! LOL here's one on the porch while she is barking her head off!

It was such a relief to see solid poop. I just feel so bad that it went on as long as it did.

Jack is sooooo cute. How old is he?

Hi cody is gorgeous, I am new here, and have just recently been given a Mastiff Rottweiler cross pup who is about 10 months old.  Here is a pic of Gage:

Cody is beautiful!  Glad you  found something for her sensitive tummy.


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