Author Topic: Boy, some pet owners are jerks.(long vent, rant, personal blog...LOL)  (Read 4512 times)

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First a little background on Kira.  She is a very well behaved and loved by all who know her but she is also Alpha and doesnt tolerate other dogs rushing her, even if it's just to sniff her.  Now people, loves them all till given a reason not too(i.e., picking on her, hurting one of us, etc.)
I have NEVER muzzeled her in public.  If I see an irresponsible pet owner on the street with an unleashed animal, we will go in another direction.  Even if they are leashed , I will cross the street just to avoid any unpleantries, should any occur.
We were at the vet's office and a lady walks in with her young husky, checks in and promptly allows her dog to just walk over to us without even inquiring if it's ok and at first Kira was ok but before I could say anything the pup tried to get a little frisky and show her own dominance and tried to stand on Kira's back and it was all over.  Kira rumbled and pinned her on the ground.  Kira never touched the dog with her mouth or even showed her teeth.  that woman nearly crapped her pants and screamed that I should have such a vicious dog muzzled.  i laughed and told her she should not have allowed her dog to rush mine without proper introductions.  By that I mean, usually if i tell Kira in a calm voice that another dog is ok and pet the other dog while showing her the dog is ok, she will sniff and before too long start playing and wrestling with the other dog like they grew up together.
After all the commotion, the husky was very frightening and yelping alot,  the vet comes out to see what happened.  the lady is just going off about me and my dog, luckily kira is one of our vets favorite's and she defended Kira once she heard my side and the receptionist and vet tech who saw it all verified my story as well.  The lady then said she would not bring her dog thier anymore and Dr. J said she did not want her business if this is how she conducts herself and handles her animal.
I felt so bad, but my dog never left my side and wondered into that dogs space. Then I felt bad for Kira because she knew what she did was bad and was actually alittle scared by that woman. She looked at her while she was ranting and was doing little woof, woofs, almost under her breath as if to say im sorry.
Most people always ask before they approach us for any reason.  Only once did we say yes and to our surprise Kira was not in the mood to meet a new dog,  she was quickly repremanded for her actions and has not had another incident like that one since. The other dogs owners were very gratious and forgiving and said dogs will be dogs, no one is to blame.
I wish there were more people like those in this world. One of the vet techs laughed and said to check the paper this week because as I found out after she left that her daughter works at our local paper adn she is always entering some kind of editorial.
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Re: Boy, some pet owners are jerks.(long vent, rant, personal blog...LOL)
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Most people do the same thing. My theory is that animals go to the vet for a reason...wheth er it be sickness or not, and people just let the animals go nose to nose.  Titan will ripe the dogs nose off....when jaz had papaloma virus, peolple just let there little pups go right up to her....they don't even ask. And because of that, i let them get what comes to them. They deserve it, and if titan bites a dog, and they never asked, then that is there fault because my BP's are always under control....

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Re: Boy, some pet owners are jerks.(long vent, rant, personal blog...LOL)
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Your vet sounds awesome! I hope that lady learned a valuable lesson that will keep her dog safe in future encounters with other animals. Sadly, I doubt she did... Give Kira a hug from Tani and Kai, and tell her that she shouldn't loose any sleep over that crazy lady's freak out.
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