Author Topic: I Think I'm a Bad Owner of an Akita  (Read 18120 times)

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Re: I Think I'm a Bad Owner of an Akita
« Reply #15 on: October 27, 2008, 05:26:23 am »
It sounds like you have gotten some great advice so far.  I don't think neutering will help the interactions between you, your room mates and your dog, but then I am not a fan of neutering or spaying.  As far as growling at you.  Is it a real growl/snarl or is it a grumbly type growl.  My Caucasian growls when I pet her, almost like a cat purring.  She does this anytime something feels good, scratching her belly, rubbing her neck, scratching her hind legs, rubbing between her eyes, etc.  It is her happy sound.  I also have dogs that will challenge me over different things.  They are like children and want to push their boundaries.  As long as they do what I said, I don't mind the growling and grumbling along the way.  They growl and grumble at each other all the time.  It doesn't mean anything.  If a lab growled at me, I would probably take it seriously, but for my dogs to do it, doesn't concern me.  They are just vocal dogs and they are all young and full of themselves.  The main thing for you to remember is not to let your dog get away with anything.  He has to obey, even if it means you physically make him sit, lay, come, whatever.  You have to be consistent.  Nothing that remotely looks like disobedience is ever funny or allowed to slide.  It must be corrected.  My Tibetan and my caucasian will watch every move I make.  They are constantly aware of where I am and what I am doing.  They may not turn their head to look at me, but I cannot sneak up on either one of them.  That just means they are alert and doing their job, which is guarding my home and me.  If you are having problems walking him, get a prong collar.  They are the greatest invention ever, especially for dogs that are larger and much stronger than we are.  I would never take Jake out for a walk, if I didn't have one.  He is not vicious or anything like that, but he is strong and if he sees something he wants to check out, he will simply take me with him.  I won't let go and I got hurt a few times.  A prong collar lets the dog correct themselves.  You don't ever pull on it, you simply hold them firmly and let them figure out the rest.  It is a miracle worker.  As soon as I put Jake's on, he becomes the best dog to walk ever and I know I can control him, no matter what.  Max and chichi are find on regular slip chains and Cody is fine with his regular collar, but Jake will choke himself on a slip chain and keep pulling.
Good luck with your boy.  You are on the right track and with patience and consistency will have a well behaved dog. 
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Re: I Think I'm a Bad Owner of an Akita
« Reply #16 on: October 27, 2008, 09:11:07 am »
When it comes to growling, sometimes its a mean get away I don't like you growl, but that has only happened maybe twice and sometimes its a happy growl. Akita is known to be vocal. I especially love when he talks and yarns. Pertaining to obedience: He listens fairly well, he is best when u have food which i would like to work on. I would like for him to come or stay or anything when off leash and I don't have any food to reward him.
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