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« on: June 13, 2008, 03:55:44 am »
I had the wonderful opportunity to see Marleys brother since they were very young.  His owners are wonderful people and now new clients of mine! I was in total disbelief when I went to their house for the first time to meet everyone before they left on their trip.  They have 14 dogs and amazing enough they all live together great!  Bentley of course is the largest weighing in at 235 and a solid 34 inches tall.  A husky mix, a lab/bullmastiff mix, 2 Shih Tzus, 2 french bulldogs, a pekinese, and 7 chihuahuas!  Amazing house and backyard...Of course the chi's run the house...Bentle y stood between myself and the owner for like the first 15 min and when he decided I was a friend, he wouldnt leave me alone!  The pics not great but what a sweetheart!  When I do my visits I will get lots of pics of everyone!

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wow, that is awesome!!  He is a gorgeous boy too!  Thier house sounds like mine growing up except,  we had 10 Pekeingnese and 3 great danes and too many cats to count running amuck.  I wish I could add more to our family right now but hubs says I can't have a house like my mother's  LOL.
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