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Mastiff for adoption in IL
« on: June 16, 2008, 04:34:09 pm »
Hey all.

Just putting some feelers out here.  We have a mastiff up for adoption at work.  He was being boarded and after having several pick up dates (and being boarded a week longer than originally planned) the owners have decided today they are not coming to pick him up.  :(

His name is Mowgli (like from the Jungle Book).  He is approx 13 months old with an awesome temperment.  Gorgeous head on this guy.  :-* Not sure how he would do around other dogs he was not scheduled for play groups........ .......but I'm pretty sure last time he was boarded he had at least one scheduled.  Other than being a bit cage aggressive (more likely from boredom as he hasn't done that the entire time) he doesn't seem to pay attention to the other dogs there.  When you walk him or the last couple of days I've taken him out just to stretch his legs and play with him a bit he doesn't bother the other dogs in the vicinity.

He does have 2 large hydromas (sp?) on his elbows about the size of tennis balls.  His back legs are also splayed.  And he needs some refresher training, but he does know the basics (sit, lay down, drop it).  A bit mouthy but he's still a big puppy so I'm not surprised by that. 

I would take him myself but hubby vehemently said no.  :'( He is a darling and is really just looking for someone to pay attention to him.  He may have been smacked around as when you go to throw a toy for him at first he flinches.  I guess the family has 8 kids so I'm assuming rough play was the norm.

We have had a couple people at work look at him but the one girls hubby was scared of him, even though he's wanted a mastiff forever.   :P  So if anyone is looking for a great dog please let me know.  My laptop took a dump so I'm only able to check on here thru the library b/t 1-2 hrs a day, depending on if I can extned my time.  If you are out of state its okay, if we can work out transport help.  :)