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I can draw some times :p -NDR
« on: June 16, 2008, 10:03:53 pm »
I have some sad-ish news (not really) that I am going to share, but I thought I'd soften the blow (or make it worse, depending on individual tastes...) by posting this first :)

I had some paintings in a show that opened earlier this month. At first it was going to be my first solo since high school, but then it turned out that even as a adult I am way lazy and didn't start working with enough time... so the gallery's owner and I showed together :)

Hope you like :)

OH WHAT THE HEY... I ended up just fostering little manolo and found him a home this weekend!! see? kinda sad, but not really because he went to a good home that will love him and they signed a contract to return him to me if they ever can't care for him so he doesn't end in a shelter... and I think I'll stick to two dogs for a while


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