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My poor Kira


She is soo sore from all the playing she is doing with the boys.  She was struggling to get up and it looks like she may have pulled a muscle on her left rear side.  She isnt limping once she gets moving though.  The vet said she could have up to 400MG buffered asprin a day.  She also isnt eating as much as she usually does, I think it may be all the distractions in the house with 4 additional kids and 2 adults and Drake running around here.
The boys were sore the morning after the first full day everyone was here.  They play so much and almost non-stop.
It has been so much fun having Drake here for Gunner and Kira.  Gunner plays alot more than Kira but he and drake are both still so young and she is almost 7.
I have been having issues with Gunner humping male dogs,  he doesnt do it to Kira at all but our friends husky and now Drake, he will hump at any given moment.  we cant seem to get him to stop.
I will post some pic's and maybe some video soon.


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