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Parvo help
« on: June 26, 2008, 10:15:06 am »
I was hoping someone has had some experience with a Parvo strain that is lasting more than the common 3-5 days.  My Blk Mouth Cur puppy is 13wks and has been hospitalized for 4 days but showing symptoms for 6 as of today.  All symptoms fall under a possible Parvo case but my vet is concerned because she has never seen a case continue to decrease or not stabilize within 5 days.  Two Parvo tests have been negative. All CBC blood work is good.  Radiographs are good.  Exploratory surgery was performed last night revealing only enlarged lymph nodes.  If anyone has any info it would be appreciated.  My vet is aggressively pursuing this still as a Parvo with IV and antibiotic.  Thanks!

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Re: Parvo help
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2008, 11:16:41 am »
My friend is a Weim breeder and one of her last litter pups had similar story (all vaccines, everything done right) - nothing LOOKED like Parvo, they were fighting for lil one for 7 or 8 days, I do not remember exactly, and then poor pup gave up. It worked out that it was Parvo, and it hit the heart. So I totally agree with your Vet - it COULD BE parvo.

You and your little one in our thoughts! Your pup needs a lot of well wishes just now! Hugs to you!
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