Author Topic: my mastiff had acl surgery now 4 months later he blew out his other. now what do  (Read 4349 times)

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my male english mastiff is 150 lbs and 3 yrs 7  months old. 4 months ago he tore his acl sugery so i had the sugery done for 3200. i believe its tplo the newest one. after a long recovery process and a loss of 15 lbs he has torn his other. this whole process changed my dog completly. hes weak and it looks like his back hurts. finacially thats a lot of money for me since i just payed for the other. he has arthritus starting allready. what do i do has anyone been though this with both knees in a short period and if so how did it go? hes getting no exercise the last 3 months andd now he can barly walk...pleaase give me your experiance is there an end ?willl he return to normal?
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I'm so sorry you and your big boy are having such a tough time. I thought I might be going through the same thing a couple years ago but - thankfully - it was not necessary.

I know several other BPOers have had the surgeries done and I'm sure they'll respond when they read your post.

This is one site I've read over and over and over again. Maybe it will give you some insight. ? ?

I really feel for you. You came to the right place however. I'm sure you'll get some great feedback.


modified to add - He's beautiful!!!!! :-*
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