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Kingston the Dobie rescue


Well i thought i found the perfect Dobie for my ex he was a rescue and i know some about his back ground but not what he has been through in the last 3 months. His 1st owners since he was a pup moved over seas they left him with the owners father. He had a heart attack and passed away not one other family memeber would take this yound Dobie beautiful but small.So a rescue group took him he came from Toronto to Buffalo he has lived in a Kennel foster home for the last 2 1/2 months now he is with my ex he has a forever home.He is VERY timid and shy he has bonded w/the ex but he is starting to have puppy moments out breaks of barking nibbling on the ex and sometimes stalking him is this normal? He wimpers a lot to i have 3 rescues and none of them have acted like this. I guess he has  been through a lot he lost the 2 people that he trusted and now i think he has a hard time understanding that he is in his forever home. The first day i came over after a week of being in his forever home he looked at me ran to his bed and peed. I think he thought i was coming to take him away i have never had a dog react that way to me it broke my heart!We took him to school and another dog bit him in the face when my ex came to pick him up he had 2 holes through his face he had to go to the vet and had to have them glued shut. I am hoping he can work things out with Kingston and that he does'nt have to find him another home. Marina

How long has your ex had him? Stability is important. He needs to know his new home is his forever home. When I first brought Tink home from the shelter, she wasn't sure if she was staying or going. Between the 1-1/2 hr ride to our house, the vets the next day, etc.We kept her home for two weeks, no car rides, parks, etc, so she would know she was home. We even limited visitors so she could really get comfortable with her new home before introducing her to a lot of new things. I think once she realizes she is home and safe she will calm down and settle in. Did you leave her at a class or were you there with her? I would not leave her in a new environment like that at first until she gains more confidence it still feels like abandonment. Try taking a class together, she will look to you to see how to behave if she has confidence in you as her pack leader. I think time and consistancy is all that she needs.

Hope this helps.

My parents ha a rescued Dobie and she cam with ALOT of baggage.  She was a stray on the streets of New Orleans.  She was terrified of ppl. They got her on a schedule like letting her out at certian times, feeding, and walking.  It took her a little bit but after about a month of this she was great with them. 

They then put her in training classes for socialization.  Now she is GREAT! Loves ppl and not a mean bone in her body.  Now as for the wimpering that is a Dobie thing. This is my parents 5th Dobie and every single one of them wimpered and whinned which they trained thwm to stop doing. 

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Kingston is going back to school! and tomorrow he will get a new dog walker and he is going to a puppy class. Wow he has it covered and we can only hope it all works! Marina


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