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Kaila, do you have a long lost relative in Ohio??


This boy was in the local Animal control Center marked agressive and due to be put down. He is part of our pack now.
He is mouthy, barky, curious, and allround lovable PITA.
He was marked a GSD but one look at him with his mouth wide open and you can't deny his Malinois'ness.

OMG, Thom,  Lance is gorgeous!  He's probably a Malinois/GSD cross.  I love his looks.  I'm so glad that you found him and took him in.  They can be such PITAs but there is nothing in the world like a Malinois that loves you.  I have to admit that there are days when I wish that Kaila and Shiner weren't quite so smart and agile but I  wouldn't have missed this ride with them for anything.  If Lance is your first Mal be prepared to get hooked on them.  As I'm typing this, Kaila is waiting very impatiently for me to finish so we can play frisbee.  I can't wait to see more pics of Kaila's cousin!

He, I believe he is a full blooded Mali. He has the short hair around the head, higher ear set, a mouth that reminds you of a croc. and a "different" temperment. If I had seen the mouth opened wide I would have named him Gator. He came to us missing his right leg so he has had some severe trauma in his life. He seems to be about a year old (no vet has gotten close ehough to evaluate his teeth as to his age).

He's beautiful!!  Good luck with him and he's a lucky boy to have found a home.


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