Author Topic: For the Love of Goats- Seriously...the dog and the goat have a love affair..  (Read 11156 times)


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I'm getting creeped out!!!

Elvis...dumb goat... has fully integrated himself into the pack...he is a full-fledged canine... complete with cat and chicken chasing instincts, "barking" (i know...i know..), jumping on people, pulling on the leash...and BEST of all... digging!

It's my fault...I haven't gotten him another goat friend.  All he has are the dogs-

My Mister always is a good boy. Ignores the goat in general, but I don't know if Monty knows if Elvis is a goat...or if he thinks he's just a funny looking dog.  But being a grumpy old man, Monty just likes to be left alone when sunbathing...E lvis doesn't really mess with him.

Roscoe on the other hand... *sigh* What am I gonna do with this dog? Goat and Dog...ALWAYS together! Even when I separate them, the goat will start digging, and the dog will start jumping...

They eat together (Roscoe has taken to eating flowers, and Elvis has been trying to sneak some dog food)
Play together...whi ch is scary watching Big-Ol'Roscoe romping around with the goat...
Sleep together...Ros coe doesn't even come inside to sleep in his bed any more...Elvis CRIES...i mean like...CRIESreally loud, when he's alone.  I'm surprised the ASPCA hasn't shown up at my house asking why I'm torturing my goat...

Ack! Somebody...Sol utions???



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 ;D  ;D  ;D
Solution? One word. ENJOY!!!! :)  ;)
These little guys are wonderful. So much character. So comical. My little Allie would lay right by the dogs but her favorite friend was the big boy, Montana, my Appy. On a hot day when the flies were bad you could count on her tiny little self standing quite comfortably under Tanner. His tail worked quite well keeping those nasties of my little Princess.

Elvis is adorable! As are all the pics.  :-*


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You may try to get another goat, but they do get attached. I used to have to sneak out of my own house with my pigmy goat. If she heard the door open she'd be over crying and crying to let her out and join me. She followed me everywhere, even into the house a few times.

Our Newfie/lab mix adopted a new born deer once. Couldn't have been more than a couple of days old and brought it home like a slobbery ball. He didn't hurt it and was very upset when I took it back to the field. The deer kept appearing every few days and would sleep next to Bud. When it got a little older they would play a game of tag. Bud would chase the fawn, touch its rump with his nose, then the deer would turn and chase Bud. So funny and odd to watch. Lost all our pictures due to basement flooding. The deer quit coming around, but appeared about a year later. We know it was the same deer because it came right up to Bud and started playing tag again.

Dogs - Sometimes you just can't figure them out :D


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I suggest you take WAY MORE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I third that! More picts! Can the goat come inside with you! LOL I probably would try to sneak him in without my husband seeing it.... :)
I think it's just great that they all love each other!

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That's great...maybe he does need a buddy.  I couldn't have just one.
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One of the photos ... I swear it looks as if the dogs taught the goat to lift his leg to pee!!!!  Love the photos ...
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OMG - seriously - that is friggin' adorable! I agree - we need more pics please, please, please... and oh yes - video too!

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Oh my Freaking GOODNESS!!!!  If that's not the cutest thing I've ever seen, well I have no idea what then!  I agree with everyone else and say please show us more goat and doggie cuteness!!!   ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

And I'm also with Julie, I NEED a goat or 3!!!  lol

BTW can you spay or nueter a goat, or should one just get goats of the same gender so they can't breed?  :)
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OK I figured out a way you can fix this problem...Send the goat to live with me ;)


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Ask and you shall receive....

This is Elvis bookin it to his favorite doggy bowl...on the other side of the house...

Elvis loves Milo a little TOO much....

JUST a reminder why I think it's SUSPICIOUS that Roscoe loves this goat...


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LMAO!  I forgot about that!!! Hahahhhah!  BTW, Elvis is really cute. Do you guys know how old he is?  Is that as big as he'll get?  Because he is so tiny and cute. I desperately want to steal him.

He's only a few months old...I don't know exactly how old though...and supposedly he's to grow very...VERY big... like...Pyr size...  :o  Maybe then he'll be able to stand up to Roscoe lol...


  • Guest's a little difficult keeping him out of trouble...

He's not allowed to be with the dogs when we're not home-for obvious reasons-  We have a dog run we bought from petsmart when we used to rent...and we just reassembled it, put a tarp roof on there and voila...semi-goat proof.  What I didn't count on was that he would start digging!  And he repeatedly gets his head stuck in the gate... :/

Besides that...he's a cutie patootie...

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Oh my goodness! I officially now have full-blown goat fever!! I have to have one! That really is the cutest thing ever!  :D

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