Author Topic: Not Urinating Question (From Baby Roy's Mum)  (Read 3822 times)

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Not Urinating Question (From Baby Roy's Mum)
« on: July 11, 2008, 08:57:09 am »
I just came back from the vet (payed yet an other bill) and my friend the vet tech
wanted me to meet a Bullie girl who was staying with them for observation.
Diamond a 2 year old (recently) spayed trico gal with an awesome attitude.
On her back for belly rubs,kisses and rolling on her back again.
Such a sweet sweet girl.
Diamond is there because she cant/wont pee and that is for days and days.
Started about 3 weeks ago.
She does squat,makes all the right moves but just no urine.
Now,she is in no pain at all,her stool is fine,just a healthy Bullie. tried to bring in a catheter but has a very hard time to get it in.
When in she urinates normal and normal urine,its been tested,nothing wrong.
The catheter comes out and the peeing stops and back to the same condition as before.
No urine for days,last night she had a pee in her gage and it was a flood zone.
She has been opened up to see if there were any cysts on her bladder/urethra or perhaps a narrow urethra
but all seem  to be fine even on the inside.
But she is obvious not ok although not in visible discomfort.
Meds she gets to help her urethra and something to get her muscles working bladder wise.
I walked her a bit and she is other than that the cutest ever.
The vet will put her under for a bit today and make the Cather to go in and stay in but that really isnt
a solution as it is.
At the clinic they are out of ideas and I want to ask you guys if there is anyone with suggestions,
ideas or even experience in this area.
Please any thing that could help Diamond.

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Re: Not Urinating Question (From Baby Roy's Mum)
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2008, 02:35:00 pm »
I am thinking a kidney infection too. You should have the vet run bloodwork to check the kidney function to make sure he isn't having acute renal failure
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