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Our 4 month old Malinois "roxy" has taken over everything elevated inside or outside. First the hay trailer, then the coffee table, now the recliner.  If it gets her up in the air, she climbs it.  Has anyone experienced this before with this breed?  Is this a sign of "higher" things to come?

Yes!  Now is the time to teach the "off" command as well as the "leave it" command.  Those two become very important with Mals.  At least I have found them invaluable with the 4 that have been in my house.  Kaila can clear the 6' privacy fence if she wants and Razor could too.  Both Kaila and Shiner have jumped over the side panel of the truck bed.  However, Shiner did high-center himself and had to climb the rest of the way over.  But then again I had Kaila in agility until she was a little over a year old.  I also took both of mine to kids playgrounds when there were no kids there and had them climb the jungle gyms to get used to different footing and textures.  The other thing that I have found is that the females have to have a reason for doing something even though they want to please you but the males are all about pleasing you.  Also, they are super smart and are easily bored so I had to go to 30minute training sessions because they both get bored so easily.  Hope that helps and Roxy is a cutie.


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