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Grace's first ride in the new Jeep (and I think she busted her other leg)

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So I even bought a dog ramp and we planned on training to use that today.  It started out ok with her looking at it and at me as if to say, NO, I'd rather jump.  I coaked her and put treats on the ramp and she refused. She veered around it and jumpped efortlessly into the back of the Jeep.  We rode to the park and took a quick dip in the river before she wanted to head home to the AC.  We got home and she seemed fine.  But as soon as we stepped inside she started limping.  I put her to bed so I could run a quick errand and she strolled out of her crate when I got home still limping pretty good.  Now, she's been stiff getting out of bed since she had her right ACL replaced.  This could be just how that's going to be from now on.  But tonight's limp is probably the left ACL having been torn.  We knew it was going to happen anytime as it does with Rotts, but I was hoping to avoid it.  And I feel so guilty for not pushing her harder to use the ramp.  I really really hope it's just a strain since she hasn't been jumping a lot these last 6 months.  That would be denial though. 
I'll call the vet next week and get her fixed up just like I did when the right leg went out.  My poor pupper. 

Sending healing vibes.  I hope it isnt her ACL, poor girl.  Keep us updated.

thank you.  I hope it's not her ACL too.  she's walking a little better a couple hours after the fact, but she put a good bit of weight on her other leg before they did the surgory too.  I gotta face facts.  it is most likely the ACL. 

this morning, Grace is walking like nothing happened.  ok there is a slight limp, but she's putting weight on it and launching across the living room to bark at people walking by. I'm going to assume, 1.) it's not bothering her or it's only a partial tear or 2.) I dodged a major bullet.  if it were a partial tear she would still show signs of lameness.
i'm going with option 2.  she's walking well and putting  all her weight on it. 
so she's going to learn to use that ramp if she wants to go on another ride. 

ok..i'm inclined to think it's her ACL.  she's favoring it pretty good.  looks like another operation in our future.  we'll find out for sure soon.


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