Author Topic: boxers and head shaking  (Read 3028 times)

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boxers and head shaking
« on: July 18, 2008, 02:49:02 am »
last night Tyson starting shaking his head and it has lasted all night.  I smelled his ears but am not noticing any unusual odor nor do they appear to be dirty inside.  what can be going on here?  Is there something I can try to help him out here at home before calling a vet?  I need to leave for work in 2 hours and would like to give him some relief for the day.

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Re: boxers and head shaking
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2008, 02:58:53 am »
Welcome to BPO.  :)  What breed & age is Tyson?  My dogs sometimes will shake their ears occasionally if they need to be cleaned & are a little itchy, but never all night-long as you mentioned.  :-\  I hesitate to suggest that you clean his ears though since he sounds pretty miserable and as if it came on all of a sudden.  If he has an infection or some foreign object in his ear, cleaning them might make it worse and cause him more pain.  :(  Personally, I'd call the vet as soon as they open and see if they can get him in ASAP b/c ear infections really hurt like the devil.  Please let us know what you find out, ok?  I'll be thinking of you both. 

Modified b/c...good grief, I'm going blind.  I just noticed the subject line says that he's a boxer.  Silly me, time for bed I think.
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