Author Topic: Could you tell me about more Pyr traits please. I'll make you a cuppa!  (Read 6382 times)

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You know, this is probably one of the few places I've actaully found with the information I may have been looking for?

Ok, I'll get to the point. My dog Diz is a mutt. Mum's a cross with a Shai Pai, Water Dog and  pyr. Dads a yellow Lab.
She came from a litter of nine pups, she was one of the three very noticably (please scuse thebad spelling, I'm illiterate!)
larger pups and more than likely, to look at a throw back to a Pyr.
I have no other Pyr owners to ask about typical traits that she may have got from this side of her breeding.
She's white/cream colour all over, black eyes, nose and her coat is wooly but gorgous to touch?.
Although most people ask if she's a retreiver, theirs been 3 who have outright said she's a Pyr.
At socialisation class she stands a full head above the two Labs and one is two weeks older, although I dont expect her to be the size of Pyr given she is a mutt I'm expecting her to be bigger than a Lab, poss retreiver sized.

Anyway, getting to the questions if I can stop waffling.
When out with the family (lesser half, 11 month old and a 4 yr old kids) if my four yr old drops back, Diz will (even tho I swear she doesnt appear to pay that much attention!) and even before I've even noticed Diz will go behind my 4 yr old til she's caught up. Then go straight to the front of the group. She's do this consistantly on every family walk.
When on the lead she will stop dead and not move until everyone's together again?
Is this a Pyr trait? I've had Collies, and GSD's who are herders (running round frantically, and nipping heels til trained not to) but this so calm, no nipping, nothing. Just a make sure the lil un's caught up before returning to the lead again?
I dont know how Pyr's herd?

Another is that although she has some def Lab traits, she's really laid back. We go to her Socialisation class and she'll lie down legs spread out behind her (lab) and watch the proceedings. She spooks easily, is more relaxed with the smaller dogs (and more timid) but will freak at the larger bouncy labs. She needs time to sniff and investigate before  she will play, and even then it's when SHE initiates it, otherwise she will leg it.
This could just be her personality? We're in the process of socialising her knickers off!
One of the smaller puppies got a bit to boisterous, so she pinned it, then walked away calmly, the trainer said she's very gentle.

Another is that she will dig a groove in the garden and lie in it to cool down I guess?
Looks for the highest spot and climbs up to watch whats about?
She's clicker trained, took a while since she wasnt very food orientated and will NOT work for anything less that the good proper tasty stuff.
Once she GOT the hang of the training she sits, down, heel. I'm working on moving this to higher distraction area's and her recall since I know Shai Pai are sods for not coming back, I've read that Pyrs can be bugger's for it?
She learnt "speak" within5 mins (only cos she really liked this one!)and "quiet" in 10. This wa since she will bark a lot and with our Gsd who had the same problem, we had to teach him to speak, in order to get him to be quiet!
Touch wood thats got the barking under control.
One site said Pyr's bark a lot, another said they didnt?
My brother thought she was a custard short of a puuding since at times it can take a while to learn somthing new (this was while I was waiting for her to get the hand of the clicker and behaviour shaping), I think now that it depends on what she feels is worth her time?

I think thats it for now. There will probably be more later but I will be so grateful if you knowlageable and lubbly Pyr people could help me out?
I'll make yez a cuppa nd a biscuit?

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Glad you found this site--there are lots of Pyr owners and many with much more experience than me, but I will answer some of your questions. Pyrs do love to dig and lay down in a cool spot of dirt, they are notorious for barking, especially at night, they are not herding dogs, but livestock guarding dogs, and that might be what you are seeing when she waits for the rest of the "flock" to catch up on the walk.

It also sounds like you are finding out about the Pyrs' stubborn streak--while Pyrs are intelligent dogs, they are not the "I'll do whatever you want to please you" Golden type dog, but will do something when they think it makes sense.

I have found that my Pyr is also the most affectionate, gentle, and sweetest dog that I've ever had the pleasure of being with.  ;D
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Sounds like you have a lot of pyr in that dog to me.  Yes they will try to keep an eye on all of their charges.  They don't herd, per se, but they do guard.  So, if the group is moving, they should all be moving together.

Pyrs are extremely laid back and calm, unless they feel the need to "alert" or bark about something.  A really stable dog will not usually do any more than is needed to "calm down" a most in your face type of dog.  My alpha Cody is a TM and will put my Caucasian on the floor, on her back and hold her by the throat, until she submits, if she is too in his face, wanting to play.

Pyrs, as most other LGDs love to dig a hold to lie in, when it's hot.  They also will seek out the highest spot to survey their territory from.  For Jake, outside this is a pile of pavers or the hammock.  Inside it is the recliner or the bed.

Almost all the LGD breeds seem to think about what you are asking them to do, prior to actually doing it.  They are not "eager to please" dogs in that respect.  They are typically very intelligent, but equally independent and bred to think on their own.  They have to be motivated to "perform".  They will also wander, as far as their eyes can see, just to see what is out there.

Sounds like you have a great dog.  Good luck with her.
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That's soo sweet that Diz is so protective of her family that she is always keeping her eyes out for everyone!!!  Unfortunately i don't know much about Pyrs, but i do know that from what you've said you've got a sweetie on your hands!
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remember the joke...
what do you call a pyr off leash?
a disa-pyr!

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Hmmm, sound very pyr-ish to me, too!   ;)  ;D  I'm sure that we'd all love to see pics of your baby.  Congratulation s on your new addition & welcome.

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Thanks you guys, really appreciate it ;D
I'll try and figure out how to post a piccy on here so youz can tell me what you think?
In truth until we decided on her, I had never considered or heard about a Pyr! I'm still on the look out for a owner around here, must be one somewhere!

Maxsmom- I always wanted a Newfie, when I was a kid and we played in the paddling pool round a freinds house, their Newfi  used to keep trying to "rescue" us!!!

Pyr4me-How you describe your dog with your caucastion, well it sounds like Diz with a off the wall Cocker spaniel puppy we met yesterday. You know when you see older dogs putting the rude puppies in their place. Thats almost like Diz did with this Cocker. She kept pinning him, growling, telling him off. He'd submit wriggling then she would walk away. But bless her, he just kept bounding back up and jumping up on her again!
I wasnt sure when to call it off since Diz appeared to get quite cross with him, but when back on leads, she really didnt want to walk away? The bugger.
She was spooking at the first sight and was now more interested so I guess this was a positive experience for her. Funny since she's only 12 weeks and he was 5 months!
A grumpy Japanese Akita bared her teeth at her and she just camly walked away and sat down beside me.
Out and about, def the calmest puppy I've seen, even if she is easily spooked!

Thankyouz again, your stars!

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This is a great forum! My Indiana is 13 weeks now.  I think we must be buying the vet a new car or truck with all of the visits we've had since Indiana came home.  Poor baby, with all those horrible fleas.  Then it was earmites and a ringworm.  He's been on antibiotics and is going on a medication for 3 months for the darm ring worm.  Drops for his ears.  Not to mention just the regular stuff (shots and check ups.)  My poor baby.  That darm farm guy who sold him was not taking care of his puppies.  That's okay, cuz I have him now and he is an inside dog all the way.  He likes the backyard, but doesn't really want to stay long.  At first he didn't want to come when called (at 3:30 in the a.m. when I am barely lucide enough to take him to the back yard to potty.)  But he loves hotdogs!  I started rewarding him with hotdog bites and now I barely open the back door to call him back in when he comes running and goes straight to the refrigerator and sits there until I come give him his treat!  He is so adorable.

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I tried to upload a picture for my avatar, but nothing happened.  >:(