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I have a new puppy!


Hi all,

I posted a long long time ago re: how to find a good puppy, and now I have one!  I am so glad that I waited until I found her.  I am now the proud mommy to a Bouvier.  I have to admit, at times I wonder what I have gotten myself into - especially this whole potty training business.  She has been really good so far - only 2 accidents, but I feel like I am in and out the house all the time.

I have been to teach her crate training - she will defintely sleep in the night there (last night she settled after about 15 minutes which I thought was fairly good???) but I have a question about its use in the day.  Should I encourage it when she naps?  I don't want her to be in there all the time (she is napping a lot) but I would like her to think that is where she should go to sleep.  Any advice?  She has slept there 2 today already, and I had to put her there when I went to shower, but now she is under my legs sleeping (I'm a softee and she is so cute there!)

I know that it is really important that she knows I am the boss, so I have made her wait for me before going through doors, etc.  I would also like to start teaching her some simple commands - is 10 weeks too early?  And any suggestions for lease work at such a young age?  I don't want to overwhelm her, but she is straining already and I know she is going to be big and strong as she grows up.  Thanks!!!!

Congrats on your new pup, I bet she's adorable!

and no, 10 wks is not too early.  I start training as soon as any new guys enter the household.

I did have them take naps in the crate, just b/c I didn't know if I would be observant/quick enough to notice when they woke up and would have to go out.  Def. at night until they were fully potty trained.

And leash work can begin right away as well.  I agree, only a flat collar at this age.  You might even consider in a few weeks a puppy training class to help get her socialized around others and to learn to work and listen while there are other distractions.

PICS!!!! Iver never seen a bouvier pup -I'm so excited!!!! I've been reading lots about them lately on here - it's like invasion of the Bouviers!  AS for crate training - I did the same as the ladies have already said. I think its good for them to get used to the crate during the day. My babes still sleep in there by choice even though I have taken the doors off! They love them.   And training... yep! start right away.  Congrats on your new baby - I WANT PICTURES!!!

Thanks so much for your advice.  I have gotten her into the crate at night - she didn't bark once!!  I was so proud.  I'm planning on puppy kindergarten after she has her second set of shots.  I will try to figure out how to post some pictures - she is so cute!!


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