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Hi everyone! I've been reading these boards for a few weeks, and you all have been so helpful as we prepare for our Bernese puppy. We will be getting her home next weekend, so I wanted to come say hi and post a picture of her. This is Sasha, and she was just 6 weeks old in the photo. I'm sure there will be many more pictures to come in the next few weeks!

If you have any words of wisdom as we get our house ready and finish buying everything she needs, feel free to let me know!

Oh gosh! Berner puppies have got to be the second cutest puppies EVER. Second only to Aussie puppies... Sky excluded. Sasha is adorable. You are gonna have so much fun with her! Good luck!

Wow...Congrats on the beautiful addition and I know you'll have all kinds of fun in the up coming weeks. How can u not with a puppy that's soooooo perfectly squeezable!!!

OMG a Berner pup, I am so jealous!!

My advice:
Get down on your hands and knees and look around. Anything that you can reach that can be chewed will be. So if its important or dangerous remove it before she comes home and life will be a little easier.

Also look now for puppy classes, Berners need that early on socialization.

People Whisperer:
Welcome! :)
Congratulation s on your adorable puppy!!!!


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