Author Topic: Urgent- Forclosure forces Bernard out, St.Louis MO  (Read 2872 times)

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Urgent- Forclosure forces Bernard out, St.Louis MO
« on: July 27, 2008, 10:59:25 am »
I'm hoping someone can help here.

A friend of mine is losing her home. It's up for Auction tomorrow (monday)

She has no place to go. She needs to find a home for her Saint Bernard, Male..
he's a beautifull boy.

She had lost her husband last year
Broke her back a few months ago and lost her job.
Now she's being forced out.

Please, if anyone knows a rescue that will take this boy?

He's located in St. Louis Missouri.
This is extrembly urgent.

She had been looking for a home for him for weeks now, but the people that come to look at him  want him simply as a guard dog, to be tied out in some yard... or worse.

He's not nuetered, wich gives way to other kinds of people that want him for breeding (remember, MO is puppy mill country)
Shelters are full up from the high forclosure rate right now!

write to me, and I can give you a way to contact her.

my email is


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Re: Urgent- Forclosure forces Bernard out, St.Louis MO
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2008, 11:08:37 am »
Do you know if she's been able to contact the St Rescue there in St. Louis area?

BTW. I'm sorry to hear of your friend's difficult time. Very sorry.