Author Topic: The official answer to the question "Why not labs"?  (Read 12016 times)

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The official answer to the question "Why not labs"?
« on: April 05, 2005, 10:37:29 pm »
Ok all Big Paws members, we are actually in the midst of changing our forum slightly so that every breed (23 inches or taller) is represented. We originally thought that this site should only cater to the giant breeds but have learned that many of you have large breed dogs in addition to your gentle giants. We love them as well and didn't want to leave them out of any part of this forum- especially with some of the large dogs working harder than some of the giants (like our Bear who sleeps all day, tells us when he is ready to be in or out, demands that we share food with him and makes us play whenever he is ready despite the time of day). Therefore, we are going to seperate our forum into two sections: one for the giant breeds and one for the large breeds. I hope this helps to clarify things.

Labs will be added!
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