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Wolf Hybrids...Any Thoughts?

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Milo and I are fosters...but it hasn't been working out for me, since every foster I take in, I want to keep! (does that part ever get easier?)

Anyway, we were contacted by a Wolf-Hybrid rescue, they have one that is in desperate need of help.  And since we seem to have the reputation of "COME ON IN!!!!!!!" they decided to send me a PICTURE... why would anyone do that to me? I fell in love...however, he does need some socialization, and I do have small animals roaming not only the house, but the neighborhood.

I've seen my dad's wolf-dog jump an 8 foot fence like it was  nothing... :-/

What are your thoughts about these guys? They're beautiful, but can I really socialize one, and make him into a good pet? Am I a bad goat/chicken owner-is this putting them at risk?  I have a kennel with a roof...but I've heard of wolf-dogs being escape artists...not sure about this particular one...

Any advice for or against?

Here are my thoughts:

1. Wolf hybrids are GORGEOUS and can be very gentle, loving family pets.


2. Wolf hybrids are still, and always will be PART WOLF, and just like the latent wild tendencies we all see in our dogs (herding instincts, eating poop, marking territory, etc.), there is an excellent chance these have not been bred out of the hybrid.

I would suggest if you have small animals, chickens, etc. that you turn this foster down - especially since he needs socialization.

These are HUGE dogs that will need a lot of training before they are family-ready and, it sounds like, this is probably not the best foster placement for your household.

Don't feel like you're letting the dog down. They can find a better foster home for him that won't jeopardize the permanent pets.

And, no, sorry, the desire to keep every foster NEVER gets easier.  Just remember, the more you keep, the fewer you can foster and save.

My thoughts exactly...Milo is really...REALL Y wants us to at least go see him.  He gets the feeling that the group is creating a bit more "hype" about the dog...I'm not sure, but I'm going to check him out today... We'll see...

Here's a visual...he really is gorgeous...

He is a gorgeous boy but I would definitely be concerned about your small animals. 

I grew up with a wonderful wolf-dog. She was a high mix. Her official owner, a relative of mine, let her have pups with a neighborhood husky, and all four stayed in the family.  They were all various levels of squirrelly and animal aggressive, with the exception of one who climbed a six-foot fence multiple times and eventually was hit by a train on one of her outings.

I second being wary of small animal interactions, but also make sure they are legal in your state. In mine, MI, they are closely regulated now.



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