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Hello BPO - It's Kelly, Kate & Blake!!!

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MY GOODNESS I miss you people like you wouldn't believe!!! ::) ;) I have been SO RIDICULOUSLY busy...I haven't even had time to take a pee in peace let alone have any "me" time with my computer!!! ::) I won't bore you with the details though ::) :D ;)

ANYHOW...we're all good here! Can't believe it's already mid-August! ::) We're off to PEI on Friday for 2 weeks, SO EXCITED to get away and for Blake to enjoy all his relatives and the ocean! ;D ;D ;D

So NOT excited though to be dropping Kate off at the pet resort tomorrow for 2 weeks...GOOD LORD I am going to miss that girl!!! :'( :'( :'( She had a good time there for her "trial run" back in May for 3 days but 2 weeks is a long time...I just hope she realizes we're coming back to get her! :-\ :'( They take great care of the dogs there...it is VERY nice but still...she's my baby girl!!! :'( I'll be calling every other day to see how she is...I hope she has a fun time! :-\ ;)

We've done some camping this summer, it's either rained (or snowed...ya you heard right  ::)!) but we've always had a good time regardless. Blake and Kate are BEST FRIENDS...it is so wonderful! ;) She is such a GOOD GIRL...puts up with SO MUCH from him...what an angel of a dog! I'm sure he's going to miss her while we're away too...I know she'll be missing him! ;)

Blake's had a lot of 1st's lately...1st Birthday; 1st steps (he's a walking machine! ::) :D ;)); 1st haircut (see the before & after pics); the list goes on & on! ;D He is a happy, hilarious little boy...we are so blessed! ;D

Attached some pics. From Kate joining me for lunch camping, to her exploring a wheat field, to her & Blake hanging out...and a video too of the best friends  ;) Had to post more than once on here to include them all  ;)


Hope all is well with EVERYONE! ;) Miss you all, please give yourselves and your fur kids & skin kids a big hug from us! :-* I miss hearing all of your stories and seeing pics of your crews & clans...talk to you when we're back from the island! ;D  :-*

More pics  ;)

And the last two! ;D

Welcome back!  I am totally loving your pictures!  Blake is ADORABLE in his little rocker sweatshirt and mohawk pics! If I ever have a boy, it's going to be a rule that he has a mohawk!  Kate looks like she is FABULOUS with him.  My favorite pic is the one with Blake just Loooung-ing on Kate!  Thanks for brightening my day!


Great photos Kelly! Its good to see you!

So, what ended up happening after your year-long maternity leave? What did you decide to do?


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