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updated pictures of Troy @ 10 weeks


dog lover:
 :)Hi everyone .

Just thought i would post a few pictures ,we have been away on our hols last week and my mum came and stayed at our house for the week because Troy had not had all his vaccinations , he was due his 2nd one whilst we were away , so we could not take him with us  :(. At least that will be the 1st and last time we go away without him.

I know Leo's grow fast but wow , he looked so big compared to when i left him a week ago lol .

Had a fright this morning with the little fella , i was just playing with him & checking him out at the same time feeling for lumps & bumps and whatever & i found a lump which was big and i could move it about, i panicked lol and called the vets.......... .. any way she asked if he had been vaccinated within the last week ,i said my mum had brought him down a few days earlier & she put my mind at rest by saying it was probably a reaction to the jab and for me to just keep an eye on him, which i will do.
 I just never thought it could be  a reaction , i guess it was because i hadn't taken him myself so it just never occoured to me that it could be his injection.
 None of my other dogs have ever reacted to a jab , have any of yours ?

Enjoy the pics  :)

Thanks for the pics. Can there ever be too many photos of puppies? I don't think so. :D

None of my other dogs have ever reacted to a jab , have any of yours ?

Yes, my one Vizsla always did. Lump would be there for what seems like forever.
Cute boy you have there ;D


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