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Jenny's new job!
« on: September 11, 2008, 07:25:29 am »
Jenny has given herself a new job--walking my daughters to school and greeting all their kindergarten classmates as they get off the bus.  :)

I have taken Jenny as I walk my daughters to school a couple of times, but today I wasn't going to...but then we heard Jenny whining out the window quite insistently, so I went back and got her. She happily walked with my girls as we made our way down to the school and then she waited right where the bus comes and stood to greet all the afternoon kindergartener s...they all went up to her and she was surrounded by 5 yr olds petting her everywhere (it would've made a great picture!). I've never seen Jenny so in her element before!

She actually seems to "mope" as we walk back home.

I'm considering using her as a therapy dog in my practice as a psychologist--today seemed like further confirmation of her inate desire to be with and help children. I think she'll make an amazing therapy dog. 
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