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Cut quick today - I felt so bad!!!

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I am so uncomfortable cutting my dog's nails - I am always worried that I am going to hurt her.  Well, today I did . . .  :(  I found the powder and put it on, but man, did it bleed. 

I'm sure that all you experienced dog owners find it old hat - but does the trimming of nails get any easier with age?  Petra is so squirmy and mouthy - it takes forever to get even one paw done - and then I forget which toes I've done . . .

I gave her a yummy treat afterwards though, so I think she still loves me . . .

Ugh! I hate cutting nails. I always, ALWAYS cut the quick. Now, I just let the groomer do it. I want to get the Pet-i-cure, though. Has anyone used that?

the pedicure POS is noting more than a dremel with a stupid cover from what i have been told the window gets covered with nail dust and is useless, one lady said she needs to clean it at least 4-5 times each time she uses it.

I would recommend going to a hardware store and buying a dremel, you can get them for as little as 20 bucks, dont be taken in by the ones the sell at pet shops, they are no different, just often more money.  You can buy a corded or a cordless one, I use a corded one, because that is what I have, well had it got drowned  :-[.  This website is the one I used to learn how, it tells you what sanding disc to use, and angle, I can tell you with out a doubt that it is much easier on me and the dogs and i have never ever seen blood.

yes it does get easier.  I am looking into getting a dremel but more for trimming my birds' nails and beaks although it will come in handy for softening the edges on the dog's nails as well.

I rarely bleed a nail anymore.  In fact I think I have only done it once in the last 3 yrs.  And its always when i think "i think I can take off just a bit more.....".  There are tricks you can use to tell where to trim a nail, even a dark one.  And if you're giving treats afterwards I'm sure she will get used to it eventually.

keiko used to be really bad about having her nails done too.  I started off by giving her a treat after each toe.  Then after doing each foot.  Now i do it after everyone is done.

I always hit a quick on Farleys nails..poor boy. Dennis ordered a pedicure thing-even after I told him not to that we already had a dremel  ::)  We are still waiting for the arrival of 2 pedicure things... ::)


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