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Angry Little Dogs.
« on: August 24, 2008, 11:13:47 am »
So Grace's little boyfriend, Roscoe, knocks on the door today and I get the leash so we can go out and play with him.  Doug, Roscoe's dad, says "Careful, Bob is out."  Bob is a little something or other up the street and he plays with Roscoe.  I'm out on my sidewalk by this time and shorten Grace's leash and grab the end of it so we don't turn the corner and see him. 
Well, I guess Bob pulls his leash from his mom's hand (he's all of 15 pounds) and races over to us and gets in Grace's face with snarls and barks and basically attacks.  I am pulling Grace back and holding her still and Bob is going to town.  I scream at him to get back and Doug steps on his leash. (That was a big help)  By this time, Bob's mom comes over and says "I'm sorry he's not used to playing with big dogs."  Not that he was invited.  And I wouldn't call that playing.  He attacked us!!!   After Bob's mom pickes up his leash she proceeded to stand there for a minute and talk...while I'm holding Grace and calming her down and telling her to mind since taking her back inside would make it so I had to cross Bob's path again.
I guess I can't believe that people with little dogs have such a hard time controlling them.  Grace is 99 pounds and I always have control of her even when she's pulling like that.  How can a 15 pund dog get away from someone? 
I am just so angry.  That little thing is so aggressive and out of control.  I just have no respect for someone who can't think to just pick the dumb dog up. 


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Re: Angry Little Dogs.
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2008, 11:40:37 am »
I totally agree. If you can't control your dog of any size you shouldn't take them out in public until you can. These are probably the same people who annoy me when they let their kids run out of control through stores and wherever.
Where was Grace's binky to calm her down when she got upset? ::)


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Re: Angry Little Dogs.
« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2008, 12:23:23 pm »
The binky didn't last long.  it's gone.  :(

I am still just mad.  I'm thinking about very politely going to this lady's door and saying: "I'm sorry our dogs don't get along.  But, I wouldn't have come outside my apartment if I had known Bob was loose."   

There's a rule in our leases about having your dog on a leash.  The problem is...some dogs (including Bob) are on a leash, but no one is holding the other end.  I think they need to modify the wording in that rule to say have your dog on a leash and HOLD ON TO IT.   Another problem is that even though Bob was the aggressor, Grace would get blamed because how can little 15 pound Bob be to blame for such a scene. 
I talked to my mom and she agrees.  I should get this lady in the parking lot one day and say just that.  That scene could have been avoided if Bob wasn't running loose.
Doug even told me that Bob was out.  I was already outside by then...and I didn't know that Bob wasn't attached to his person.
And another thing.  The dog weighs 15 pounds or less.  Don't just scold it and stand there watching him snarl.  PICK HIM UP AND WALK AWAY.
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