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What Grace thinks of marriage.


Yesterday, Grace saw a white blur in the grass.  as we got closer we saw it was a balloon from a wedding car. A white one.  A pretty white bouncey balloon. She sniffed it and it bounced once.  What fun.  Then Grace picked it up and carried it home in her mouth.  It was funny till just before the door when the balloon burst.  Grace quickly gobbled up the little pieces and we went inside.  So this morning, Grace told me what she thinks of marriage.  As she squated, I saw the words "Just married" sliding from her and plopping on the ground.  :)   I guess Grace thinks marriage is something that's not worth a poop (Or only worth a poop.)

bahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gracie is so her!

LOL....thanks.  she's always entertaining.  :)  never skips a beat.  even when her balloon busrt (which was heartbreaking to see because she was carrying it so lovingly) she snapped her head to the ground and into the piehole it went. 

That would have been a funny (albeit disgusting) photo op - "Just Married" sliding out of Grace's hiney all poo-y. EEEEWWW!


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