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Good Hope:
Hello.  These are pictures of one of the pups that Mrs. Kidle (kildeskennel) sold.  Her name is Sapphire.  (There are also pictures of our other dog, who has HD, but she is not a "big paw" dog.)  The pictures were taken this morning; one is very silly, because Sapphire was jumping up at the camera.  (That's why I included it.   ;D)

Sofia (daughter of Mrs. Arango, or Good Hope)

P.S. Hmmm...the files are too large to attach.  They are .jpg, but all are over 4 times the maximum.  Is there any way to fix that?

Good Hope:
Umm...does anyone have any ideas on how to post pictures?  The ones we took are way to big.  Can they be converted to a different file type that's smaller somehow, or can picture size be reduced?  Any suggestions?


how much too big?  What size in KB are they?  I usually take low resolution pics and if i have to crop them to make them under 250 KB (which is the limit). 

Good Hope:
They are just over 1 MB, which would be 1,000 KB (I think), so that is a lot.  How do you crop pictures and save the changes?  It's never worked for me.


Mine where never that big.  on your camera can you change/lower the resolution?  I have a kodak easy share and take pictures on "good quality" unless I want to blow them up and then I use "better or best quality".  makes it easier to open and email them and post them.
or develop them on a disc with your CD burner if you have one or at walmart or wherever you get prints made.  the images they put on the discs are a lot smaller.   (Personally I don't like Walmarts discs or prints)
I just click on the picture after I've saved it and Microsoft picture editor opens with the picture and I square off what  I want and hit crop.

I guess photoshop or paintshop can "shrink" them or you can change them to a zip or btm.


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