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Dead teeth
« on: August 29, 2008, 12:31:38 pm »
Issy's teeth have always been a bit discolored, I just chalked it up to some mal-nourishment before I got her.  Well, today we went to the vet for annual stuff and I specifically asked him about her teeth; most of the bottom ones are now greyish.  He said that the roots of the teeth have probably died.  She's not a big chewer, and he actually said that chewing may not have been a factor anyway.  I asked what I have to look forward too and he said maybe nothing but we have to watch for abscess.  They aren't causing her any pain, at least not now.  He does want to do x-rays but he said it's no hurry so I guess when I get her hips x-rayed in Jan I'll have her teeth x-rayed too.  I just thought it was odd, I don't know why I know it can happen; but she's soo young and of course I immediately thought that her teeth would have to be pulled, how would she chew?????  No questions really, just wanted to bounce it off people!

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