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Is Nala a Ridgeback mix?


This is my girl Nala. Her mom was a chocolate lab, but she looks nothing like a lab, I think. The people that I got her from could only tell me that the dad was a "big brown dog" that belonged to the neighbors. She doesn't have a ridge, but the hair on her back goes in a zig zag pattern all the way down to her tail. She weighs about 50 lbs and is 8 months old. Thanks for the input!

It's possible.  Her coat looks like it.  There are ridgeless ridgebacks so she could just not have a ridge.  She is very pretty whatever her mix is.

Welcome to the board and I'm Kat and my crew is listed below.   

We have a couple of Ridgebacks at my club. These are huge dogs. Bigger than a Doberman.
She doesn't look at all like them. But could still be another type of hunting dog mix.

She is a cutie and that is all that matters right? :)

Yes of course. I get a lot of comments on her odd face shape. People think she looks like a bully breed, but say her face is quite unusual. I cant help but be curious.


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