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Need help finding my Saint's breeder!!


Help!  I have a gorgeous 3-year old male Saint that I rescued several months ago from the Buffalo, NY area.  I was informed that he was originally obtained from a breeder in Nebraska, but so far I have had no positive responses.  He was born November 8, 2004 and went to a couple in Buffalo.  I would love to breed him, but need to know his Pedigree and if I can get his papers.  Anyone out there have any advice/ideas? 

People Whisperer:
If he was a rescue he was most definitely sold with "limited registration" if he even was registered. Limited Registration means that the dog is registered but no litters produced by that dog are eligible for registration.  :-\

I would suggest joining the the St Bernard list on Yahoo, at:
Post a picture of your dog and ask if anyone recognizes his lines. There are many of the top Saint breeders on that list and someone there may know from his appearance who was most likely to have bred him. Be forewarned though, if one of them thinks he is not of show quality breeding they may be brutally honest about it, and strongly advise you to rethink your plans for him.

Thanks for the suggestions.  My Yahoo membership is pending and in the meantime, it has been recommended I search the AKC site as well.  I will love him whether he can be bred or not...he has been a wonderful addition to my family! 


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