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Hello, I know there is a grooming forum, but I'm really just looking for some insight from fellow mastiff owners.  We are new owners of an OEM named Sam, she is 4 months old and so sweet :D  Once I figure out how to add an avatar, you can all have a gander.

Anyways, I was wondering how often you would recommend brushing, and what are your tools of choice?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, Charlie is my boy and he is a 2 year old OEM.
Julie is right about the food! Not only does a high quality kibble help with the shedding and make his coat shiny and soft, it helps with less poop!
Grooming a Mastiff is very easy. One to two times per week with a shedding blade or comb is sufficient(I use the "Furminator"). Cutting nails is important and should be done regularly (Does anyone use the "Peticure" ? I was wondering if it is large enough to fit my boys' nails in the opening). It should be started early in life as wrestling with a large dog is very interesting! Teeth cleaning should also be done regularly. And don't forget his ears! I have to do Charlies one a week.

I still dont know how to add a avatar so don't feel bad!

Thank you for your feedback, that really helps.  We have Sam on Orijen, and other than loose poops (which the vet attributes to a generous hand at the feeding trough), her coat is shiny and silky and lovely ;D.  I was looking at the furminator (sp?) but wasn't sure how it would be on a short coat.  Right now we are using a rubber brush, similar to the zoom groom but with many more, and smaller, bristles, which seems to get a fairly small amount of hair off each grooming session.  I think we'll give the zoom groom a shot and save the furminator till she seems to be blowing her puppy coat.

We have so far wheedled our vet, the local pet store owner, the daycare ladies and the dog trainer into clipping her nails, so they have been clipped once every week or so, but we are pretty hesitant about trying it ourselves (scardy cats - don't want to hurt her and make her wary).

We've done her ears a couple times, with just a dry towel as there just seemed to be a small amount of wax and dust.

But thanks for the input - you all have been a great help!!


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