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Sam, the OEM puppy

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We have a 4 month old OEM, she is around 30 lbs and is eating 4 cups of food a day, spread over 3 feedings.  Her stool is quite soft, and our vet swears that there is a direct correlation between amount of food served and stool consistency.  So we are cutting her back to 3 cups of food a day and will see how it goes.  She is on a really great kibble, so we are not really worried about her getting all the nutrients etc.

I think we are very prone to worry about underfeeding our Sam, every vet visit the one burning question we have is whether she looks too thin.  So far tho our vet has tried to keep us calm and says she looks fine.  We feed her after walking her for 10-20 mins, depending on the time of day and how much time we have.  She does wolf the food, but then has a nap, so I don't believe she is going without.  But who knows, kinda like babies, they can't tell you what they need.  But she is steadily gaining weight and you can feel the meat on her bones so we will stick to the current diet plan and see what kind of improvement we can make on the stool consistency, since it is no fun to try and pick up the loose poops :(

Hiya, thanks for putting us in the right spot.

She did her first 8-9 weeks on Nutro, then spent the next 2 months getting weaned of that and onto Orijen large breed puppy.

Too rich, now there is a thought.  WTB a dog that can tell me what, how much and how often to feed :D!!!!

Pics are on the camera, hubby keeps promising to get them off, then I will get some posted~

Here are some pics:

awww hehehe she is SO adorable! that little tongue kills me

Welcome to BPO.  Sam is a doll.  I have an OEM/Bullmastiff mix that will be 7 mos old on the 14th.  We fed him Eagle Pack large/Giant breed puppy in the green bag for a few months and he did great on it.  Growth has been slow but steady.
We switched him at about 6 mos to wellness super 5 mix and he has done great on that too.


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