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Sophie, Binky and crew pix


Been MIA again- just moved BACK to our old house temporarily (was rented, they left suddenly, needs work...) There has been a lot going on and it's a huge adjustment for the dogs.  We went from the middle of nowhere to a very busy area so they are barking at everything- good times :)  I'm sure the neighbors have missed us and are thrilled that we have yet another dog now!  Sophie is getting enormous and she and Leo are best buds.  Some pix.

What a great crew! Your kid must be so happy surrounded by all those dogs and cats and goats. I loved growing up with a ton of animals.

People Whisperer:
Gosh, where did that little girl Sophie went? :o :o :o
She is HUGE!!! and everybody looks great  :) :-*

What a beautiful family you have!!! OMG  I am so jealous!!! I wish i had more fur to love :)

Nice to see you again. Just loved the pictures of all your crew.


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