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Stinky Poo

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Not even perfume can cover that nasty, sharp and raw stink that Grace eminates. 
Tonight, while walking in the weeds by the highway, Grace foudn a nice spot and fell to the ground and proceeded to flip and flop around.  She put her little legs in the air and kicked and twisted while a happy little moan slipped passed her tongue that hung from the corner of her mouth.  This was an especially good roll because she got up and ran back to that spot where she again fell to the ground and flailed again and rolled for an extra long time. 
At my request, she bobbled home and had dinner.  About an hour later, I leaned over to scratch her back and tease her by trying to take the bone she's been working on all night when I got a wiff of something rotten.  It took most of the evening to start to stink, but it stinks.  Whatever she rolled in smells awful.  I sprayed a little perfune on her and rubbed it in and it still stinks. 
What about really stinky stuff makes a dog go so goo goo and think "Man, I really want to smell like THAT!" ?

EWWWW Grace!  I cant help but laugh though.  My grandparents German sheppard X would roll in cow pies in the pasture then trot home to the back door like she did something good and wanted to be rewrded for it. 

hahahahaha!! Aw Grace! Ramses does the same thing...he specifically seeks out chicken poop, and just...has at it... Stands up, looks at me like I should want to give him a huge hug or something!so gross!

Yuck!! Annie particularly likes to roll around in dead fish when we're at the river. I have to bath her to get rid of the smell.

My parents lived by the lake and thier poodle at the time loved to roll in dead gross fish  :-X :-X


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