Author Topic: PLEASE HELP! HONESTLY...I NEED HELP WITH THIS!! .........running low on time!  (Read 1283 times)

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Duke needs some help RIGHT NOW!!!

I worked VERY hard to get Duke and his brother Barkas away from their owner who was not feeding them and was mistreating them. They were taken by animal control after some work.

The problem is that Duke is a pit bull/boxer mix. Don't let his breed scare you! He has been around MANY dogs and he is a sweetheart! He is a ball of energy and just wants attention. He has not an aggressive bone in his body. I NEEEED a rescue or foster for him RIGHT NOW!!! The shelter cannot keep him past this next week (10/26-30/08). I'm worried here. If you don't really care that is fine, but please at least pass this on to someone who DOES care!!!

I don't mind if you are out of the WESTERN IL area...but please contact me. And don't expect me to just hand him over to you. Yes, I desperately need a place for him to go, but I'm not going to let him go back to some low-life, dead-beat when he just came from one of those!! Duke has NEVER been in a stable, loving home. His first home almost beat him to death, and his second him (previous home) beat him and didn't feed him! I just need a FOSTER (temporary) HOME UNTIL JANUARY!!!! THEN HE IS GOING TO A RESCUE. FOREVER HOMES ARE WELCOME AS WELL...BUT I MEAN JUST THAT...**FOREVER** HOMES WHO ARE GOING TO TAKE CARE OF HIM AND LOVE HIM **FOREVER**!!

Duke will be fully vetted before he goes ANYWHERE!!!

Please contact me right away!!!!!!
309 333 2454