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Pit Mix needs help
« on: October 25, 2008, 10:51:42 am »
We need your help....I am the only one who posted to help....A beautiful high school girl who contacted me on a wonderful pit/boxer mix.  She and animal control convinced a young man to give up his pit/boxer mix because he was beating his dog on a regular basis.  Now he is in the local spca on death row.  They put down pits and pit mixes first because this area is a pit hate area.  She also learned that the other owner before this one beat Duke(if I am not mistaken is his name)

Now for some basic facts.  This guy is hand shy(what a surprise!!!)  He sooooo willing to please that he will stumble over himself to please you.  He is good with kids, and other dogs.  From what I can gather, there is nothing wrong with this guy other than the HUMANS that raised him.

My problem is that I live in a four dog household, one is a Newfy that is very dominate.  This dog needs a foster home that won't abuse and brow beat the already abused dog.  I cannot guarantee this.  This gal has already contacted soooo many rescues(200 I think she said and has only received perhaps 4 replies....sor ry the dog is not pure, your on your own. 

We ALL know that all of the rescues are jammed full of dogs given up because a financial situations.  And the trend is for "No Kill" shelters, this dog is not in one of those situations.... .

She needs our help....please .  JUST UNTIL THE END OF JANUARY.  She has a responsible rescue that she trusts that will find a forever home for this guy.  A good woman I think.

What a horrible lesson to learn to teach a high schooler at such a early time of life to try to save a dog only to commit it to death...don't let this slip by please.  THIS IS WORTHY.  Teach this gal that people DO CARE. 

Please look for DUKE!!!!! posted on the forum.

Thanks for reading this.
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