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Guardian Angel's White lightning:
ok...i am not breeding right now...just to clear that part up.  BUT...i have been told that when we do breed (in 3 years) the foundation b*tch must be able to be line bred with our dog now.  Is this something that has to be done? is there any books i could read to help me with this? I know i have a while, because our foundation b*tch was born actually today (i thought yesterday, but didn't happen) so i have quite a while.  BUT...should she be line bred? or could i do an outcross? **same breed, different lines** who do compliment eachother?

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lets see... where to start...
Some breeders are big into "line breeding" because the lines they have are the lines they know and like, and trust... an out cross is good when you KNOW you need to bring something back into the lines... For instance, in our breed, the bull terrier, our foundation b*tch, is a petite white girl, Jigsaw. we have had her evaluated, shown and health tested. she is NOT a Champion, but that doesn't matter to me. as i have been told she IS a good starter b*tch, and i have been told by many great breeders, judges and handlers, what she needs in a male to improve on... this being said, we will out cross for her breeding into a male who is bigger in the head, and a more angled front...
this is what you really need to be looking for if you are going to breed your girl, evaluate her, have others do it (judges, breeders, etc) and find out what needs to be improved on... and definitely HEALTH TEST.... i can't stress this enough... 
I also agree entirely with what liz has posted- how do you (or the breeder) know that this girl, not even a full day old is of breeding quality???

Guardian Angel's White lightning:
i understand what you are saying about how do you know show quality.  As for titan, he looks just like his dad now.  his hips are doing ok, and i completely understand health testing!!! HEALTH TESTING all the way here.  he is only 16 months right now, at 18 we are getting pre-lim and then 2 ofa.  He is PRADNA, we have cerf to do again, heart, and thyroid again.  We don't know who is show quality.... actually i have been working with two breeders until i found out one of them did not testing at all on the dogs because she guarenteed them and believed that there is no we RAN from her and ended up with this other breeder.  There are 7 girls in the litter, all are a dark black brindle. So there has got to be least that was what i told the dam!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Titan have temperment issues? When you say his hips are "ok" does that mean he'll pass certification or does that mean they are good and a trait you want to pass on?

I like that you are projecting a start date of 3 years down the line as this gives you time to really learn about the breed, who are the good breeders and what traits you want to develop.

I think sometimes we love our own dogs so much that we fail to see their faults, don't get wrapped up in Titan having to be your stud and this new baby having to be your foundation bitch. Make friends with a breeder who you respect and follow the advice she/he gives you.

I've been to enough show to know to look at the breeder first and the dogs second.

Guardian Angel's White lightning:
titan has a fear, which he has gotten over thankfully.  He was scared of dogs his own size, perhaps something happened when i wasn't looking.  For the last several months we have been fine, and meeting other dogs more often now, since he comes to work with me.  he is much better.  as for his hips, we have not had another x-ray since he was 9 months old.  We are going to at 18months as well as all of the other health testings too.  I definilty look at the breeders first then the dog.  actually at dog shows, there are very few and far between of the breeders that actually show.  Many of them are all pro. handled and the breeder is no where.  Titan does have his CGC and his TDI too.  He is fine with other dogs, and is doing well.


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