Author Topic: Big Paws in southeastern Massachusetts and northern Rhode Island?  (Read 3796 times)

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Hi all,
About two months ago I brought home a mastiff puppy and I'm looking to learn all I can from as many credible sources as I can. I'm also looking for other giant breed dogs that live nearby whose owners might want to get together for playtime.

If there are any mastiff owners/breeders, dog carting enthusiasts, or therapy dog owners on this forum from southeastern Massachusetts or northern Rhode Island that would like to help mentor a newbie, please let me know... I would love to connect with you in person!

And if there are any other Big Paw dog owners in my area that would like to get together for 'play dates' please contact me at carrie_renda @

Daisy (12 year old Black Lab)
Shandi(5 1/2 month old English Mastiff)