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Bad Hair Days

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Viking Lady:
I'm trying to find a place on here where I was reading about different brushes or rakes(?). Luke seems to have 3 different textures of hair. He has fluffy and soft, a little longer with a wave, and a little courser but fluffy on his back third. The brush I am using, just a stardard dog brush with wire on one side and bristles on the other, isn't very effective. I tried the grooming forum but I think what I read before must have disappeared when the site when down a few weeks ago.

The best I have found is a long toothed rake- both a regular and an undercoat rake.  Also for the long hair areas like the butt I use a long toothed comb.  I do not use a slicker as it actually breaks the hair but do use a pin brush for the body hair and just to smooth down the coat.  It never hurts to keep a matbreaker around for those areas that tend to clump and mat.

It does sound like he still has some puppy fur. We just got the last of it out of Sophie and Syrus about a month ago. They are 14months now.

I have spent muko bucks on various brushes and combs. I think you will find as many answers to your question as there are products to use.

I have the following: Mars King Coat - long toothed pin rake - Furminator - professional groomers comb - and three slicker brushes, hard, medium and soft.

I like the medium slicker brush the best and surprise of surprises, it is the cheapest. I have used this since we got them and it works great for getting out yard twigs, stickers and prickers and keeps hair from matting. It also gets out the shedding. The bubs tolerate this brush as well. Not the 'hard' however. The Mars King seemed to cut patches out, the long toothed gets too snarled and bubs get impatient. Forget the comb unless he is really clean and you have hours of time. And they just don't like the Furminator, they act like it hurts.

I get them professionally groomed occasionally when I want them trimmed up and she always compliments me on what good shape they are in. She has two other clients who have Newfs and she usually has to shave them down to get the matting out.

You will probably need to do a little trial and error to find what works best for you and Luke. I'd start with the cheapest. ;) Good luck.

Dog Breeds that have dense double coat like the Pyrenees’ and such, i have a American Akiata, And when brushing these breeds here are some tools you’ll need to use.

The following tools are really good for dense double coat breeds::

1. Slicker brush: A square, flat brush with needlelike bent pins sticking out from a rubber head. Use this brush first, going gently with the grain of the coat to remove dead hair.

2. Comb: After brushing with the slicker, use the comb to remove hair that was left behind. Use a comb that has both fine and coarse teeth.

3. Rake: This comb is great for cutting down on shedding because its rubber nubs pull dead hair readily out of the coat. It also can be used to loosen any mats that may have developed in the undercoat.

4. Shedding blade: A loop of saw-toothed metal extending from a brush handle, the shedding blade is good for removing debris and dead hair from the coat. Use this tool after the slicker and comb but only when your Pyrenees’ shedding is at its worst.

Good Luck and i Hope this Helps!! :)

I use a GROOMER! :D ;D :D ;D   
Seriously, in between grooming visits I use the furminator to keep her looking nice and the hair balls down in the house.


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