Author Topic: Duke ...the pit/boxer that needed help...UPDATE!!!  (Read 3130 times)

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Duke ...the pit/boxer that needed help...UPDATE!!!
« on: November 04, 2008, 06:33:41 pm »
The Illinois Bully Breed Rescue has been helping me find a kennel or foster home for Duke to stay at until January when I can get him into rescue. Right now he is doing pretty well and has food avaiable to him always so that is great!

DONATIONS ARE DESPARATELY NEEDED FOR HIS NEUTER!!! It is only $40 which isn't that much to raise...PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!!! Donations through payapl and cash/check is also welcome!! Please email me if you can donate even a dollar!!! My local rescue is helping me out by paying for his vaccinations. However, he will need bordatella to go into the kennel he will be boarded at. Sooo..All together..his total vet cost that I need to raise is $50. Duke will get the bordatella vacc this weekend if I can raise at least $10 by Saturday. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN SPARE EVEN $1!!! ??? :o ;D ;) :D

Thanks so so so so much!!  ;D
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