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Hey.  Just showing I changed my user id and profile.  I was Homers mom and posted the topic of food.  Now I am Drakey and finally figured out how to load my signature and pics!
Anyways, got the Eagle Hollistic today and we will post in a few days to show how he did.  I did read all reviews and talked to the lady at the supply house and she feeds her OEM Eagle also.  So everyone say a prayer it will work!  Homer went with me and it was his 1st official outing.  He did GREAT!

He did so great he got a new toy!

Hope it works for Homer. He's really adorable!!!

Please post more pics as he grows. I love seeing how everyone's pups progress.

"Homer" fits him perfectly. He is so cute. I keep telling myself "one giant paw" at a time, but those mastiffs SCREAM my name. ::)

We previously owned three newfies.  I loved my male, but my females were a bit high strung.  Homer is so laid back.  He acts like he is 5yrs old.  I tell ya, I love the giant breeds!  Anyways......w e are thinking of getting a female in the Spring if Homer continues to do so well over the winter months.  Do any OEM owners out there that have males and females notice any big differences in their personalities?  Of course, they would both be indoor dogs together as well.


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