Author Topic: St Bernard/Newfie in NM  (Read 4407 times)

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St Bernard/Newfie in NM
« on: November 07, 2008, 02:17:58 pm »
I have seen this guy on craigslist for about a month now and would take him in a heartbeat if I could afford the dog food for another large breed.  It's killing me to know that I can't and really want to see this dog end up in a loving, understanding home.  St bernards, in my opinion can be a bit challenging and a lot of people just don't understand that. Can anyone here help?

"I am a giant st.Bernard X dog that was rescued from a poor animal shelter in August. I was starved half to death, very sick, and dejected. New Mom took me home, nourished, medicated me, got me shots, groomed, neutered-ouch!, microchipped, and socialized. I love to be brushed, walked, going to the dogpark, playing, and being loved on. I have a few challenging habits that make my new Mom a bit crazy though. I like to chew soft cuddly things such as socks, shoes, towels, most anything soft will do if you leave it within my reach, I also like to explore-I was a stray afterall- and will go go go out of the yard if you don't lock the gate, and I like to be the boss of other household dogs-alpha! But, I really do like other dogs and people, I'm a favorite at my dogpark. I like to play with everyone and love to be hugged and petted by everyone. Mom wants me to find another home as soon as possible. Her other dog and I really like each other-most of the time-but I do like to be the boss,and sometimes have to remind him of that. Plus Mom rents, and is searching for a new "home" and is finding it very difficult to find a new rental with a large and a giant breed (Me)dog. Not all landlords like great big dogs for some reason. Please e-mail her soon with your interest. She still owes $200.00 to the vet for getting me all fixed up, she would really like for someone to help her get that paid, even if but a portion. I can't wait to meet you! I'm still young at about 1 year and want nothing more than to be your best forever friend."


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