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I finally broke down and bought one.  Grace hates and fights getting her nails cut.  This should do the trick I hope.  But I forgot to pick up C batteries.  So she's safe for one more day.

Thats Great. :)
And Grace should get used to the noise of the "Pedi Paw" my dad bought one well the one you buy off TV the "Peticure" but hey they are the same. :) But anyways his Rottweiler do not like it at all when he got it she faught with him and used to take off running. And then about a month went by and then she was used to it. It does not bother her now. :)
How do you like the overall Product? I was thinking about getting one but i am not sure yet. I was just thinking about getting a "Dremel nail Tool" the Cordless Pet Nail Grooming Rotary Tool. But i dont know which one would work better.? Anyone know which one would do better?

Well Good Luck with Grace...She is so pretty i might add. I love Rottweilers i grew up with two they were fantastic dogs. We got our first rottweiler when i was 2 years old :) She was great! :)
But now that i am 18 i have my own 2 dogs. A American Akita as you can tell and a Black Lab mix. :) As you can tell. :)
But i have always had a soft spot for Rottweilers.

But the American Akita is my breed! :)

My dad has loved Rottweilers for many years. He actually got a tatto of a Rottweiler on his arm to show that he loves the breed so much. The tatto is a "Headshot" of a Rottweiler. No body or anything just the head of the Rottweiler. :)
But Keep us Updated on Grace's progress with the "Pedi Paw". :)
Good Luck! :)

Viking Lady:
Did you buy it at a store? I have only seen it on TV. But I think I need to try it.........dew claws.

Funny, I was just at Home Depot pricing Dremels today.  I want to get one for trimming the pups nails and also for home improvement projects.  If I recall correctly, someone (is it maybe Julie in Chicago?) uses one with an extension that allows them to leave the Dremel a few feet away from the dog to keep the noise from scaring them.  That's what I was looking at today, but I'd also be very curious about what everyone thinks.   ;)

I use a Dremel on Gage, and have since I got him and I LOVE it, I would like to get the flex shaft, then it is like doing it with a thick pen, and the noise is stationary, so less scary to the dogs.  I have not heard anyone who likes the pedipaws if they have used a dremel first, I guess they dont have the same amount of power so they take way longer to finish the job.  Gages nails take me about 15 minutes.  This is possibly the best site explaining how to do it:


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