Author Topic: By Request, more pics of Brougan, Dearg, and Tiegan...  (Read 3650 times)


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By Request, more pics of Brougan, Dearg, and Tiegan...
« on: November 09, 2008, 04:23:59 am »
I LOVE IWs, but they are not the healthiest breed by any means, and I'm struggling to get mine to age 7.  So last year when a friend was looking to breed her Great Dane, I asked if she'd mind breeding to my Brougan.  I kept a pup, now about a year old, and named him Dearg.  He's way too much Dane in looks, but I can see some of my Brougan in him too.  And if TWO wasn't enough, I went out and bought another Dane/Wolfhound mix from a lady who's Wolfhound decided she liked a friend's Dane better than the other IW she WANTED to breed her to.  Her name is Tiegan, and she is a Blue Merle in color.  Much more Wolfhound in looks than Dearg.  I was keeping my options open as far as breeding Dearg and Tiegan in the future (these guys are SOOOO great, and I'm not sure how I will ever find another, since no one breeds them on purpose), but, alas, Dearg developed a severe infection in his testicles and is now neutered.  Oh, well, I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

As requested, here's some more pics of my 3 Giants...

The first couple are of Dearg at 5 weeks old--I can't believe he was ever that small!!

I'm still working on getting a pic of all THREE together. LOL

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Re: By Request, more pics of Brougan, Dearg, and Tiegan...
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2008, 06:00:05 am »
Love your dogs.  I've always had danes or dane mixes, except for our Shasta... we saved her from execution at a shelter near my mother-in-law.  She's a lab/newf mix and was the typical young, black dog with big paws and more growing to do... nobody wanted her.  we weren't looking for another dog at the time, especially since my heart was set on a OEM.  But, knowing she was about to be gassed... we took her.  She was about 50 lbs of skin and bones... two years later she's about 120 lbs of love.
Sorry... back to the topic.  Your gorgeous dogs remind me of my love of big dogs.  I see everyones wonderful furbabies and I want one of everything.  Love danes, OEM, IW, Greyhounds, Neos, Newfs, Leos... almost anything with a big lovable head.  
We take our gals out to Central Oregon and camp/ride motorcyles out in no-man's land (seeing another human is sometimes scarce... depending on the time of year. This enables us to let our dogs run around with us w/o leashes, etc.  One of our hang-ups w/sight hounds... IW and greyhounds, is recall in these type of situations (they are always leashed at home).  What is your experience with recall off leash in a safe environment?  Thanks!

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Re: By Request, more pics of Brougan, Dearg, and Tiegan...
« Reply #2 on: November 09, 2008, 03:26:06 pm »
"That said, I am against producing mixed breeds on purpose.  Given the outrageous numbers of dogs in rescue and shelters, I can't fathom intentionally producing more mutts, each of whom will take a spot in a home that might have gone to a shelter dog."

First of all, I believe I CLEARLY stated the Dearg is now fixed, and any intentions of breeding him or Tiegan are not meant to be.  This comment is completely un-called for, regardless of my intentions, but doubly so since I've already stated that I will not be breeding another litter.

I bred two solid and as genetically healthy dogs as possible very selectively to create pups that I knew a lot of people would want (myself included). Every one of my pups are in a forever home--it stated very clearly in my contract that any of those pups must be returned to me for rehoming in the event that the original owner is not able to care for him/her.  Tiegan and Dearg would have also gone through all the testing necessary before even considering breeding them.  Just because they are mixed breeds, why is it considered immoral to bring the litter into the world, when it's considered completely ok to breed purebreds?  The purebred pups would take a spot away from a shelter dog just the same as a purposely bred mix.

Thanks for your opinion, but I did not join this group to argue the merits of breeding, and how each individual thinks it should be done--or to have someone who knows nothing about me pass judgement. I have a strong opinion about what some breeders are doing to the purebred dog (there's a reason TONS of people prefer mixes), but I don't believe this is the place to voice such an opinion.  This is a place to share stories and insights and just to find other people who love Giants.  A person would not dare attack a breeder who produces for show, regardless of that person's personal beliefs, why do you feel it's ok to tell me what to do?  I was/am just as careful in my breeding practices as any show breeder out there.

I'd like to thank everyone who was open and friendly and non-judgemental, but I feel it's best for everyone involved if I remove myself from this forum. Lots of happiness to all of you and your beloved Giants!!