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Getting new puppy **more updated photos**

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Guardian Angel's White lightning:
Since everything here has been going very well, we have been contacted from a wonderful black brindle mastiff breeder and we are getting a new pup!  I get pick of the litter before the breeder!!!!  SO...the pics are on this website for all to see!

we are thinking of picking ms. orange or gold, they seem to be the darkest...alth they are only 7 days old so there are a bunch of changes to go through.  Well...have a look!!

Viking Lady:
Oh my would be hard to pick. What fun, a new baby!

What a bunch of cuties! 

awww thats wonderful news!! Congrats from Me, Porscha and Mercedes on a NEW puppy!!  ;D
They are all simply adorable!! :)

Its going to be a hard choose but yeah they are only 7 days old...LOL! :)
I like
Miss Jade
Miss Gold
Miss Maroon
Miss Red
Miss Orange
Miss purple

Awww its so hard to choose just one. LOL!
But yes Miss Orange looks like she will be
the darkest. :)

Keep us updated with pictures of the lil cuties!! :)
They are so adorable. Congrats again.  ;D

Guardian Angel's White lightning:
miss orange is the one that has caught my eye from day one...miss gold also caught my attention too..but orange is outwinning gold.  I will need help deciding and you can be assured there will be more pics on them!


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