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Grace goes to "camp"


That sounds a lot like a Curious George movie title...but Little Grace had to go to the kennel tonight so I can leave town at 5:30 am Wednesday morning for a day long training thing at work in Canton, MI.  I'll be back too late to pick her up tomorrow night, so I'll be there bright and early Wednesday morning to retrieve my pup.  I took her to the kennel at 4 today so I could run some errands and steam clean tonight and as soon as I stopped moving for a few minutes, I couldn't stand the quiet.  I haven't sat still since about 6 because there is just no noise, no barking, no going outside, no sneaky farting, no burping, no slurping, no tinking of nails on the kitchen floor, no squeeking of toys, no nudging from the other end of the couch and no snuggling. 
I can't stand it.

Oh Grace will have fun at camp.  It is amazing how many areas of our lives they effect.

i got home early enough to pick her up tonight, but i am whipped.  I do miss her a lot.  it's way too quiet and I seem to be a little misplaced without her here on the couch with me.   I can't wait to see her in the morning.

no doubt it will be a super joyous reunion - lots of hugs and kisses for sure!

Oh Man that girl was happy to see me.  She ran to the Jeep and squeeked the whole way home (about 15 minutes).  She got out and ran to the neighbors' doors and sniffed (you know, in case they moved and someone new was living there now) and back to our place and inside where she bounced and twisted and tore into all her toys.  I sat down to give her hugs and love and she plopped her butt down on me, stood up, twisted, plopped down on me and just went nuts.  She's calmer now and back in her spot on the couch.  I fed her breakfast (even though I'm sure they fed her this morning before play time. 
It was just so good to see her.  It's quiet here now, but it's a different kind of quiet...a less hollow quiet.


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