Author Topic: Im new ,And I have An American Bandog Mastiff(English MastiffxAmerican Bulldog)  (Read 24613 times)


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Actually Bandogs, or Bandogges as some say, have been around for centuries.  A Bandog simplified is actually A Mastiff mixed with a Bull Baiting dog.  And I'm talking about original uses, i.e American Bulldogs, Bulldogs, American Pit Bull Terriers and so on.  Some people use APBT's a lot, but those are more aggressive.  Yes a Neo is a Bandog, and the most common Bandog is....The Bull Mastiff.

Yeah, I should have said "recreation". The term and the idea of them is ancient. I think the most well known Bandogs right now in the US are the Lucero ones, which are Neo crossbreeds. Whatever we call our pups, I think we have some adorable dogs!!!


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Okay I see where I was incorrect it was a Banter Buldogge. Pretty dogs look more like boxers though. Here is the lonk if you guys want to check it out.
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